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3 Rules of Handling Wealth Successfully.

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To be able to successfully handle wealth , there are rules that need to be observed . As you run a business or plan to establish one, your ability to apply these rules will go a long way to determine your degree of success or otherwise. These include:

  1. Learn to live on less than you earn. Living within one’s means is wise. However,living on less than you earn , leaves room for more “seed”.
  2. Seek advice (concerning any area of business interest) from those who are competent to give it through their years of practical experience.In addition to your personal extensive research, because there are secrets to every trade.
  3. Always make money work for you(investments) and the proceeds thereof made to continue to work for you(reinvestment).   In summary, after you have earned some money, you should endeavor to keep (save) some or much of it by delaying gratification, and eventually put it to use profitably in order for it to bear or yield more fruits. Failure to adhere to these, may cause one not to break free from the pattern of earn and spend as experienced by most wage/salary earners. To ascend upwards to the top of the economic pyramid from the base populated by the majority, one needs to adopt a different winning approach.  By Charles Ochieze

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