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5 Basic Facts You Should Know About Money.

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Money, as a means of exchange, has characteristics that are largely misunderstood by many. And hence, pay dearly for their ignorance. Without wisdom,money is lost quickly by those in possession of it,but wisdom can help those without money to possess or accumulate it overtime.

The five basic facts of money can help one posses it over time. Wealth that comes quickly, oftentimes goes the same way.But that which comes gradually through applied knowledge and a persistently purposeful enterprise gives peace of mind, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Money is likened to a seed. Any money which one earns can be viewed as a seed in the hands of a farmer. A seed, can be multiplied by sowing in a fertile soil to yield more, or can be eaten for food to satisfy or gratify immediate need for food or provision. So the money you earn as wages/salary or profit from a new business is indeed a seed in your hands, what you do with it will determine whether there will be multiplication or otherwise.

A wise farmer may start with limited quantity of seeds and multiply it abundantly over time.Hence, in a life time , a farmer may start small and grow exceedingly large over a period of time, through wise application of seeds and resultant proceeds. Likewise with money. It is possible to start small and consciously  grow the little one possess through prudent management and wise application of resources into profitable investments.

If you are able to view any money that you earn from your first pay cheque all through your active work life, the way a wise farmer treats his seed(s) , you will be very wealthy over time through the power of multiplication or compounding. And there are opportunities that would be readily open to you because of the ready resources at your disposal.

The 5 Basic Facts About Money are as follow:

1.Money gravitates willingly overtime to anyone who consistently sets aside not less than twenty percent of all earning into a pool for future investment.

Money set aside consistently in this manner and invested wisely through available vehicles will eventually create and yield an estate that is valuable and a dependable income source for the future.

2. Money works with diligence and meaningfully while multiplying itself (adding value) for anyone that invests it wisely and profitably.

Money will always work, multiplying itself when opportunity shows up for its use profitably. Hence, anyone that has it saved up will be only able to take advantage of this opportunity. Since having disposable income (for investment) puts one at a vantage position to negotiate terms.

3. Money remains in the possession of one who invests it with caution. Seeking advice from experienced and successful people or professionals in the area/ field in question.

One not working with caution may likely lose what he possesses  through  carelessness.

4. Money would easily be lost by anyone who invests in a business or enterprise where he/she has little or no experience, or in a business not approved by those skilled in it.

On the surface, a business may appear lucrative to the on looker who has loads of money for investment but no experience/ skill in its handling in that area.

5. Money departs from anyone who puts it to an unrealistic earning following the enticing advice of con-men/tricksters who take advantage of one’s inexperience, naivety or greed.

Once a business proposal is too fanciful, has unrealistic(juicy) returns,too good to be true, with hidden aspects that would rather not be made open(illegal) or seem to have prospects of sudden great wealth from it, It is likely lurked with risks and pitfalls that would be painfully costly eventually.

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