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About Us

At inception, LBJ was a monthly publication, freely distributed by vendors and from pickup points within the target areas. After few editions, it was put on hold up until the online version was started.

Lekki Business Journal was targeted at the communities along the Lekki Peninsula-from Victoria Island extension through Lekki Phase One, Ikota, Ajah, Sango Tedo,  Ibeju Lekki to Epe. It is primarily a business themed or oriented publication meant to  educate , teach & empower the army of small business owners and startups. It is expected that every small business owner or entrepreneur that needs information on how to successfully run and move their small business forward, should find LBJ invaluable.

However, with the online version, the limits posed by geographical boundaries can no longer be sustained. It is now accessible to those in Lagos, Nigeria and the rest of the world through the net.

The Peninsula is fast experiencing a flurry of business activity. Majority of these enterprises may go the way of the “rule of the thumb”-that 80 percent of businesses fold up or do not break even within the first five years of existence. This cycle/trend  is usually not noticeable, since no sooner an existing business  folds up than new ones are set up in its place. The lack of relevant data makes it difficult to highlight the extent or rate of business morbidity being experienced generally.

Through this medium, we shall provide the platform for receiving vital information required by small business owners to enhance their growth. In order to grow and move their businesses forward, they would have to apply/ implement the principles being taught. Our topics would be geared towards self improvement, enterprise development and strategy. Business owners would be exposed to tips on how to transform small businesses into growing, viable enterprises.

Our effort, is out of a passion for enterprise development and to build  viable  businesses around skill sets. We will endeavour to guide those that will adopt this medium as well as other fora that may be presented periodically such as seminars, workshops  etc.,  with a view to sustainably help move businesses forward.

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