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Be Innovative


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Today’s business environment is getting more competitive and challenging by the day. Hence, in order to survive , one surely needs to be innovative in the products and services rendered.

Your services or products must be differentiated from the lot through innovation or by being creative, in order to remain ahead. The era of just delivering the same old product/ services by the same old method is gone. Those who refuse to embrace change and be innovative will surely be edged out of the market place. The consumer today has become more discerning than ever, there is crave for new products or ways of doing things which gives better satisfaction and are equally convenient to the  consumer.

History, abound with people and products that hit instant success by just being a little different creatively. Ensure that you become creative in the way your services are rendered. The auto mechanic can add a little innovation to his services to attract and retain more customers. The fast food owner can be a little creative in the way menu is prepared and served to customers. The retailers can also add creativity to the way his business is done. The hair dresser/ barbing salon can also differentiate his services from what obtains generally. The Estate Manager can also be more innovative in the way the estate is handled by his company. The laundry/ dry cleaning business operator can also create services that will keep his customers for life. The hotel business manager can draw up a promo that lodgers may not be able to go elsewhere for lodging services or create an atmosphere that is more than home away from home. The school proprietor may so structure his service that parents will find it difficult to send their wards elsewhere. The bottled water company can be a little innovative in the way the product is packaged, sold or distributed and will end up having orders they will be struggling to meet. This is applicable to all professions and trades; and require taking a look at the products or services rendered with a view to improving it creatively to what customers need or expect. When these services are consistently rendered over time, it becomes a plus and forms a brand identity synonymous with the business enterprise. Theodore Levitt, American economist, said creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

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By Andrew Ifeanyi C.

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